Kenya (Robinson)

Kenya (Robinson) I am not a nice girl. I resist the performed ignorance of whiteness and reject blackness-as-victimhood; y’all know what you’re doing and we

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Sara Murphy

Sara Murphy My work tracks the slipperiness of locating myself in space, language, and images. I operate within a loop: acting out an image, naming

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Genesis Belanger

Genesis Belanger I am interested first in history- then in art history, and how an understanding of history puts the present into perspective.I find it

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Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich

Madeline Hunt-Ehrlich “How can narrative embody life in words, and at the same time respect what we cannotknow?” – Saidiya HartmanI make work about black

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Hairline tremor, a stammering symmetry, birdcage, hands tomorrow, threaded still

Rachel Labine

Rachel Labine My work sits within the tension between flattened two-dimensional space and affectiveembodied experience, where spatial flips and pauses occur at the levels of

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Diamond Stingily

Diamond Stingily I want to reconstruct the idea of art for people who grew up similar to my social and economic background. I don’t believe

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DETAIL panel three and four More Americans than Gringos

Jose Delgado Zuniga

Jose Delgado Zuniga Music is the point of departure for my paintings; it channels my imagination, my memories, with vivid visions and flashes of color.

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Women at Work #6

Maia Ruth Lee

Maia Ruth Lee Over the past couple years I’ve been working through ideas of economy of language,transposition and new lexicon. Using processes of archiving, re-assembling,

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Grace Metzler

Grace Metzler Viewing my paintings is like staring into a fishbowl. Observing something that is familiar, but transcending reality. The scenes appear ordinary and iconic.

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Slow Scrub

Sharon Madanes

Sharon Madanes Henri Bergson wrote that art removes what “veils reality from us, in order to bring us face to face with reality itself.” I

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