Our Story

Amid the clamor of New York’s ever-pulsating art scene and the hushed tones of hospital corridors, there exists an embodiment of hope, compassion, and creativity: the Rema Hort Mann Foundation (RHMF).

 In 1995, inspired by Rema’s passion for life and brave struggle with stomach cancer, RHMF was birthed from love, commitment, and an unwavering determination to touch lives with her spirit. Beginning around a humble kitchen table, this foundation was more than a tribute to Rema’s indomitable spirit. It was a beacon for those who found themselves enshrouded in the lonely shadows of cancer and a lifeline for budding artists yearning for a platform to shine and lacking the means even to try.

 Rema’s journey with cancer was blanketed with the warmth of a community that loved her. Yet, in her private moments, she recognized and empathized with those less fortunate who walked this treacherous path with almost no emotional support. It was from this realization and the hope of connecting isolated cancer patients to their families and friends that the Quality of Life Grants were born.

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Emerging Artist Grantee exhibit

Tragically, nearly three decades later, cancer’s grip would touch the Hort family again when Peter, Rema’s youngest brother and the foundation’s guiding light for 27 years, also met with the devastating disease. Dying too young, like his sister, Peter’s life was a testament to dedication, perseverance, and love. In recognition of his tireless commitment and his brave battle with bile duct cancer, the Quality of Life Grants were renamed the Peter Hort Quality of Life Grants. These grants now stand as twin pillars of hope and connection, celebrating Rema’s and Peter’s unwavering spirits.

But RHMF’s embrace doesn’t stop there. With her insatiable curiosity, Rema was an ardent champion of emerging artists. She wasn’t just a visitor in the art world but a dweller, soaking in the vibrant hues and diverse narratives of new artists. Her unyielding dedication culminated in her becoming a founding member of the Young Collectors Group at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, furthering her mission to elevate the voices of budding creators.

Rema during treatment with her grandmother

Emerging Artist exhibit

Viewing Artworks Pre-Auction

Buy What You Love Event

Michael and Susan Hort

With the Emerging Artist Award, RHMF has tirelessly spotlighted and supported those poised on the cusp of transformative artistic brilliance. Alumni like Sarah Sze and Kehinde Wiley are a testament to the undeniable impact RHMF has had on art’s global tapestry.

As we journeyed into 2023, our dedication deepened, expanding the Emerging Artist Grants and the Artist Community Engagement grants. These endeavors, driven by our belief in the unifying power of art, continue to empower artists to craft narratives that inspire, challenge, and bring communities together. 

The Rema Hort Mann Foundation is more than a charity. It’s the palpable legacy of two siblings whose hearts brimmed with love for family, art, and community. Every grant we give, every artist we champion, and every cancer patient we support are all living tributes to Rema’s and Peter’s profound belief in the beauty of human connection and the transformative power of creative expression.

Join us. Be part of this legacy. Be the heartbeat of hope in a world that so dearly needs it. Together, let’s celebrate the enduring spirit of Rema Hort Mann and Peter Hort, keeping their spirits alive and allowing their passion to touch countless more souls.

The Rema Hort Mann Foundation, 2015