Peter Hort Quality of Life Cancer grants bring family members and loved ones together in order to provide much needed support and consolation while a patient is undergoing treatment. We believe patients benefit tremendously, not just emotionally but also therapeutically, from the support of family and friends.
The Foundation works directly with social workers to tailor each grant to the patient’s needs. Beyond what is traditionally offered through healthcare insurance, Quality of Life Cancer grants ensure that the patient is taken care of emotionally.
Peter Hort Quality of Life Cancer grants have helped to provide funds to cover costs such as travel, phone cards, childcare, hotel accommodations, and car rentals. Since 1995, Rema Hort Mann Foundation has made a difference in hundreds of patients’ lives.
David Biro with Peter Hort
“From my experience as both a physician and a patient, I’ve come to learn that more is needed to treat cancer than surgery and chemotherapy. Patients benefit tremendously from the support of family and friends. Recognizing this critical element in the fight against cancer, the Rema Hort Mann Foundation does everything in its power to enhance a patient’s social support network, from flying in relatives from distant places to providing funds for childcare so that a husband or wife can be with their spouse during treatment.”David Biro, Rema Hort Mann Foundation board member and physician


“The gift from Rema Hort Mann Foundation was a light in the darkness we had been living in for almost a year. Instead of thinking about the cancer treatment, I am now planning a trip to visit my son. For me and my husband the grant was a gift of seeing beyond cancer.”  
– Peter Hort Quality Of Life Cancer grant recipient
Rema Hort Mann Foundation partners with social workers from hospitals including the Children’s Hospital of New York, Presbyterian Memorial, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Hackensack University Medical, and Mount Sinai Hospital. 
Your generous gift to our programs will transform into grants for cancer patients.