Sarah Sze “Shorter than the Day” 2020

Today we are sharing the incredible work of Rema Hort Mann Foundation 1997 Emerging Artist Alumni Sarah Sze "Shorter than the Day," 2020. This installation, commissioned by LaGuardia Gateway Partners in partnership with Public Art Fund for LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B, is named after a line in an Emily Dickinson poem, suspends from the ceiling at the departures level and descends through an opening in the floor to appear monumental and ethereal overhead at baggage claim. The sculpture conveys a vast spherical matrix over 50 feet tall and 26 feet in diameter composed of 1/4″ steel bars, welded into segments, powder coated, and mechanically assembled into place. Fastened to the rim of the sphere are over 900 image panels made of aluminum plates of varying shape and size, each with embedded images of the New York sky shot over the course of a day from dawn to dusk. Each image was printed on aluminum and made to look like torn paper hanging on clips with hits of yellow sticky-note sleeves in some places. The five ton sculpture appears like a mirage, even at over 50′ tall and 26′ in diameter, with thousands of individual elements. #sarahsze, #art, #artinstallation, #artistgrants Visit our website at the link in the bio for more information on RHMF programs.