Nick Kramer

Existing between sculpture, painting, and collage, my work is a meditation on permeable and changing bodies. With head- and hand-sized hollows as well as alluring color and texture, I try to disgustingly approximate a living thing. I seek out a moment of discovery where, through a process that I catalyze, what I make is broken down and made new to me, as if found. I cast collages in resin not to multiply, but to reconstitute and distort via the transformation from solid to liquid and back again. I think of my art as an auxiliary organ, a holistic accessory to myself. It is a special extension of my body, used for processing material and ideas; a way to combine, distill, consume and disseminate. My works are consonant with the fear of a contaminated body and metastatic processes—both in form and because they are made from polyester resin. Although visually lush, I intend to invoke a creature consumed and distorted by its own consumptive or productive being.