Lauren Mackler

Formally trained in Studio Art at NYU I started Public Fiction in 2010 driven by the idea that art can be a position from which to reflect and respond to contemporary issues.I am interested in building a project that contextualizes contemporary practices through a global art and social history. I am invested in the distribution of ideas and artistic currents to the public as well as facilitating an ongoing conversation between artists and viewers. I am particularly interested in making work which is culturally central and devoted to its time.My practice is concerned with creating a series of topical exhibitions, combined each time with programming and publications on a range of topics. This approach draws a likeness between art and literature, objects and language, ideas and agency. The idea is to redefine the concepts of authority and of “the public” while negotiating the idea of responsibility in a serial fashion.In addition to this I am formal trained as a graphic designer. This unusual background has added to my interest in presenting exhibitions and programs. In the application of graphic design principals to curating and exhibition design (in the most conceptual sense), I am interested in creating unexpected presentations of works in space, in context with each other, and in publications.