Jory Rabinovitz

I am interested in exploration and conversation concerning sculpture. Sculpture as an object that insists on its own physical presence—a static holder of process. The end-object is a physical, fixed placeholder of concepts and ideas in limbo. I seek to materially investigate notions of transience, autonomy and modes of mimicry.

My most recent works use sponges of both natural and industrial origin. These sponges materially conflate function and meaning. At once, the sponge is a living entity, an art store supply, a domestic tool as well as a decorative object of contemplation. In the work materials fuse in mimesis. By using these materials as themselves they depict themselves; the object mirrors itself into its own semblance. The result is a sculpture that literally falls flat in pursuit of representation. Within this intermingling remains a translucency or self-description of process, giving a similitude of presence and absence; motion and stasis. Outside of my own studio practice, I look to extend my sculpture and ideas as platforms for other artists/artworks and curators, thus opening dialogues to explore relationships, framings, public and private practice. Experimenting with the conventions of display, context and collaboration, I seek to dismantle and reform established modes of exhibition, inspecting their purpose.