Francesse Dolbrice

I am a network, with 8 nodes splitting into thousands of micro connections. Boundless, with subsections formulated from the potency of conscious unconsciousness. Each division is linked. In order to comprehend one, one must comprehend all.

Form: Form is species, elements and organic materials with souls. Form is the sequence of  tales with a narrative structure that fluctuates between first person, third person, and inanimate features simultaneously. Although it exists in multiple perspectives, it is absent of chaos. Form is methodology focused primarily on the idea of the pursuit for emotional care and centering the body’s hidden archive. Form depicts the elaborate conversation between my conscious self and the archaeological living remnants of my subconscious. No one perspective is held in higher regard than the other. The form of an object holds secret languages developed in collaboration with my internal body, languages predominantly in color, languages focused on shape, and languages drawn from the outlines of Processing’s soul. Form is related to the subject matter through this methodology in the format of secrecy / Protection = “riddle”. Form is related to subject matter through materiality. It is vast landscapes, created belief systems and states of ‘Body’. Form is the matter of transition from methodology to internal sociology. Form is the frozen aspect of atmospheric thought. Concepts sit in a liminal space and form is the structure where liminality is birthed and exists. This process of creation is the structure made to protect and house the ‘soul’.

Shape: Shape is the skeletal structure that binds the sections of language, aligning with the functions of each division. It is inside, outside, on top of, and in between Form, having the fluidity and rigidity needed to connect each part. Shape is a shifter, containing enough certainty to retain the position of the chameleon.  Shape has no connection to Material, but allows Form to digest enough to absorb Material’s essence. Shape is the silhouette of immediate research, swift and compressed. Although having no relationship to color, Shape, like color, is one of the strongest tools for ascension.

Material: Material is a tightly woven system of graphs, each Material holds color, texture and temperature value connected to a category of systems organized through my sensory processing. This organization is by weight, atmospheric opacity, and elemental value, encapsulating the complete system of material energy.

  –           Paper : yellow, soft, warm

  –           Clay : brown, soft, warm

 –           Raw cotton : orange, soft, neutra

 –           Pigment : black, soft, cold

  –           Grafite : yellow, soft, cold

  –           Organic fabric : orange, soft, warm

  –           Wax : orange, liquid, cold

 –           Wood : Purple, soft, warm

  –           Dyes : purple, liquid, warm

  –           Sand : dark brown, hard, cold

Tone: The tone is one consistent mode, it has infinite faces, like a circle but is one being. The tone is chromatic, its color has organs, skin, bones, a core, and living objects on its surface. The tone is obligatory, similar to breathing or drinking. The process of making is necessary to my continued life (metabolic). The tone is blunt truth, a compulsion sitting at a fluctuation between urgency and tranquility. The tone is elusive, like sound and smell are invisible entities with no base, the concreteness of existence sits in all levels of consciousness, fast, slow, puncturing, stabilizing but cast in hidden force. The tone is the only aspect that is not coded, it holds the pure energy of the subjects in ‘The Process’. The directory of tone lives on the outer membrane of the shadow space, with stems penetrating to the nucleus. The presence passes through a filtration system only leaving behind the concentrated solution in the embers. The tone is the house of feeling, Tone does not hold texture, texture is picked up through Tone’s relationship with feeling.

Word: Word is clear. Word has the same purpose as Shape, but unlike Shape it is grounded in the human flesh, and holds the markings of that history. Word is for that reason the most coltish, having an abundance of curiosity. It holds a lavish coat of wisdom that allows for all the other pieces of The Process to be able to transmit themselves to the External… Word is the most generous, allocated to unswerving hope. Although holding the most yearning, Word still exists in distance from External. Through trying to map the core, calculating the misty coordinates of each sector, the process has become an inevitable subject. In an effort to clarify the measurement of liminality in this space, I have found that it is a space that is morphing, questioning and consistently confused or curious. The process is not only a method to find understanding it is the very subject it seeks to understand. Metamorphosis is its baseline, there is no constant state. It is fragmented, like the system it studies, and can only be deciphered with the tools it questions.  Symbiosis is the format of its language, the different sensory organisms, souls and histories all winding into its own concoction of a hive mind. Polyphonic thinking, the swirls, slashes and rhythms of thought fill every millisecond of bodily life. There is no ability for processing outside of this structure. These works are the beginning of the depiction of the structure that making exists in. Each aspect points to the function of how ideas and creation is sown (the underbelly of comprehension, intention then action.)