DETAIL panel three and four More Americans than Gringos

Jose Delgado Zuniga

Jose Delgado Zuniga Music is the point of departure for my paintings; it channels my imagination, my memories, with vivid visions and flashes of color.

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Bath time

Cheyenne Julien

Cheyenne Julien Growing up in The Bronx, the sidewalks and streets were our playground. I often think back to the fond memory of playing in

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Ektor Garcia

Ektor Garcia I am a multi-disciplinary artist who approaches sculptural installation through wide-ranging experiments with craft techniques and materials. Originally hailing from a small town

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Gliding In On a Shrimp Sandwich

Jeannine Han

Jeannine Han I am an artist living and working in New York where you’ll often find me in the studio exploring materiality through sculpture andfilms.

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Collapse Score #6

Jules Gimbrone

Jules Gimbrone I create fragile corporeal sound and sculptural ensembles that highlight the differentiationsbetween modes of perceptual acquisition—specifically visual and sonic—within complex and precarious arrangements

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Dana Lok

Dana Lok My paintings and drawings are driven by my wonder at the miraculous interaction betweensurface and image, material and content, signs and the things

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Sara Stern

Sara Stern I approach my projects as an expanded form of ventriloquism. I make architecture, characters, historical objects, and photographs speak and perform. I work

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