Diamond Stingily

Diamond Stingily I want to reconstruct the idea of art for people who grew up similar to my social and economic background. I don’t believe

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Women at Work #6

Maia Ruth Lee

Maia Ruth Lee Over the past couple years I’ve been working through ideas of economy of language,transposition and new lexicon. Using processes of archiving, re-assembling,

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Grace Metzler

Grace Metzler Viewing my paintings is like staring into a fishbowl. Observing something that is familiar, but transcending reality. The scenes appear ordinary and iconic.

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Left Eye Half Closed, Bright Day, Floater

Dylan Vandenhoeck

Dylan Vandenhoeck “Inside and outside are inseparable. The world is wholly inside and I am wholly outside of myself.” — Maurice Merleau-Ponty, The Phenomenology of

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‘Night Rider’

Antone Konst

Antone Konst Looking at anything, if we consider it Art, allows us to tune our seeing…a painting is aninstrument, a kind of calibrator for thought

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A balm for the living

Allison Janae Hamilton

Allison Janae Hamilton My artwork features uncanny subjects and surreal scenes that blend the epic with the everyday and the disturbing with the delicate within

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Installation image of methods of charging

Matthew Schrader

Matthew Schrader Consider a structure that is larger than you can visualize. A structure only grasped in its entiretyby the buildings, or entities it inhabits.

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Sable Elyse Smith

Sable Elyse Smith Much of my practice is derived from the intersection of cinema, language, particularly the written text, and image making: construction, deconstruction, and

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