Sondra Perry

Sondra Perry I work in video, computer-based media, and performances that explore slippages of identity that define subjective experience in the digital world. Investigating themes

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Sara Murphy

Sara Murphy My work tracks the slipperiness of locating myself in space, language, and images. I operate within a loop: acting out an image, naming

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Genesis Belanger

Genesis Belanger I am interested first in history- then in art history, and how an understanding of history puts the present into perspective.I find it

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Adrianne Rubenstein1

Adrianne Rubenstein I learned to paint in Nova Scotia in the early aughts at an art school known for its Cal Arts-inspired conceptual program, which

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Anna Glantz

Anna Glantz My paintings reflect an endless search for inventive and surprising images that have the ability to stimulate both sensually and intellectually. Repeated motifs

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a history in waiting

Teto Elsiddique

Teto Elsiddique 20th century visual theory has been haunted by the index—the index not only relates some kind referential relationship, it suggests a kind of connective

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