Rema Hort Mann Foundation

Rema Hort Mann Foundation awards 3 distinct grants in New York City and Los Angeles. Today we share the alluring and unique work of 2014 LA RHMF Emerging Artist Grant Alumni @lisamwmson who is interested in language and its inevitable abstraction. Lisa Williamson leans into the formal considerations of sculpture to create works that are visually precise, physically resonant, and often attune to the spaces in which they are exhibited. The artist’s idiosyncratic practice follows a logic that is associative; compressing internal experience into forms that are both tangible and resistant at once. While there is a significant level of reduction and abstraction throughout the artist’s work, aspects of architecture, landscape and the figure remain visible throughout.
With a unique approach to scale and proportion, in which the artist uses her own body or the surrounding environment as a measuring device, there is a particular balance and formal terseness integral to each form. This is evident in her recent series, Body Boards, which conveys the body as both a physical and psychological space. Regarding precision as an expressive gesture and calibration as a mode of production, the artist’s distinct approach to color and meticulous attention to surface softens the line between painting and sculpture, landscape and portraiture, language and object. Visit RHMF website for more information on our grant programs @lisamwmson, @tanyabonakdargallery