Rachelle Mozman Solano

Rachelle Mozman Solano is an artist and psychoanalyst who makes work between New York
City and Panama. Her work mines, re interprets and subverts ethnographic traditions within
film and photography. Through her art Mozman probes the origins of these mediums and their
relationship to history, class and race. Her work addresses the space where ideology,
mythology, economics and the psyche converge within film and photographic storytelling. Her
recent photographs, Venas Abiertas, gives voice to the complex, continuously transforming, and
at times painful story of US, Latin American relations, particularly on the border and Central
America. The images reference and are titled after texts from varied sources and different
periods in history. In her film work Opaque Mirror, and photographic work, Cast of Women,
Mozman reinterprets Paul Gauguin’s work in Tahiti and imagines the work he may have made
in Panama before Tahiti. Mozman has made work based on the oral stories told to her of the
women in her family in Panama as a consequence of colonialism in Casa de Mujeres and the
experience of immigration in La Negra. Ultimately Mozman’s art makes visible experiences that
have been historically invisible while reexamining and reinterpreting our collective stories.