Ektor Garcia

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who approaches sculptural installation through wide-ranging experiments with craft techniques and materials. Originally hailing from a small town in Northern California, my family and I were in constant movement, frequently travelling
between Mexico and the US. My itinerant home life introduced me to many different environments and instilled within me a
restless nature. As a result I continue to maintain an unconventional ‘nomadic’ studio practice, often working on a small scale and with easily portable materials so that I may stitch, weave, crochet and mould while travelling from place to place.
Rather than formally studying craft techniques, I taught myself crochet from an early age, picking up a variety of craft skills from friends, family and my community. My art developed as a pastime and leisure activity, growing into a compulsive habit, then an obsession. My current practise extends from this deep desire to make, a love of learning and a fascination for the myriad ways the hand can create form and pattern with the simplest materials and gestures.
Formal study helped me to expand my lexicon of crochet, weaving and fiber-work into its own language, enveloping within this ceramic, metal and leatherwork, found materials, and the principles of assemblage and social sculpture. Despite my academic training there remains the voice of an outsider speaking through my work. I strongly identify with the freedom and spontaneity of the outsider artist as well as the functional necessity of the artisan.
I am in constant pursuit of modes of making and presentation that trouble the division between so-called high and low culture.
My queer Mexican-American experience deeply informs every aspect of my work, with the cognitively dissonant perspectives of marginal and mainstream culture in negotiation and at play across my installations. I recognize my work as political and personal, multivocal and autobiographical, inclusive and subjective.