2018 ACE Grant in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Rema Hort Mann Foundation is pleased to announce the recipient of the newest season of our Artist Community Engagement (ACE) Grant in Los Angeles: Gloria Galvez

 “A Postcard Note of Solidarity to Banana – After A Life in an Open-Air Prison” by Gloria Galvez


A Postcard Note of Solidarity to Banana – After A Life in an Open-Air Prison is a graphic art book that examines the wretched socio-political position that humans have corralled the banana into and visually documents a series of communal contemplations (via banana: dinners, historical cartoons screenings, and solidarity postcard writing sessions) of this position. The gatherings and book aim to interrupt an individual’s alienated consumer relationship to bananas as a catalysis for conscious consumerism.

Via the gatherings, the project will include the participation of students from James A. Foshay High School, members of Mutual Aid Action Los Angeles, and Southern California Library. Each gathering will consist of the screening of a cartoon that historically reviews the social and political position of the banana accompanied by a banana foods meal and close with a writing session of postcards in solidarity to banana. Post the gathering, postcards will be delivered to a banana rack at a designated Food 4 Less in Los Angeles. The gatherings and postcard delivery will take place in late May followed by a late July book release at Other Books.

This project facilitates a much needed space that nurtures consumer consciousness and invites individuals to examine the alienated consumer norms they have internalized. The banana and it’s specific socio-political history are perfect learning opportunities that address the problematic and, at times, detrimental social political structures that fulfill our banana consumer desires for big, seedless bananas year-round and at cheap prices.

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