2017 NYC Emerging Artist Guidelines

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to submit an application to Rema Hort Mann Foundation (RHMF)’s 2017 Emerging Artist Grant in New York. You have been nominated to apply for this opportunity through a closed-call process. Congratulations!

The Emerging Artist Grant in New York is open to nominated visual artists who meet the eligibility requirements (see below). Out of a pool of 80–90 artists, eight will be selected to receive an unrestricted grant at $10,000. This unique opportunity to apply is extended only to a select group of visual artists in New York.

Please do not share the application materials.

Before applying, review the Application Guidelines below to determine your eligibility and to understand the application requirements. To be considered for the grant, complete the Online Application Form by Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

Deadline: Tuesday, August 15, 2017


RHMF’s Emerging Artist Grant is awarded annually in both the New York and New York City Metro Areas. You have been nominated for the 2017 New York grant. Through a rigorous selection process, eight artists will be selected to receive an unrestricted grant at $10,000.

Eligibility and requirements

You must meet the eligibility requirements before applying. You will confirm your eligibility in the Online Application Form.

To be eligible, you MUST:

  • be based and primarily working in the Greater New York Metro Area;
  • be emerging. You should be at an early stage in your career, demonstrate a serious commitment to an art practice in a contemporary dialogue, and have great potential though you may be under-recognized in the field.
  • You cannot be enrolled currently as a full-time student.
  • You cannot have exhibited in a one-person (solo) show at a commercial gallery in the Greater New York Metro Area before the application deadline.

Online Application Form

In the Online Application Form—via Submittable—we will ask for:

  • Contact Information
  • Confirmation of Eligibility
  • Discipline
  • Artist Statement (2 page limit): Provide a narrative paragraph that describes your work and creative practice specifically. The statement should relate to your submitted Work Sample.
  • Artist CV (1–2 pages): Provide a current resume related to your creative practice. Word files are preferred; PDF files are acceptable.
  • Work Sample (images): Follow the guidelines below.
  • Image Checklist: Provide captions for each of your images. Include Title, Date, Medium, Dimensions, Location (if applicable).
  • Video/Audio Work Sample (optional): Follow the guidelines below.
  • Video/Audio Caption (optional): Include Title, Date, Original Format, Location (if applicable), Original Running Time.
  • Promotional Material: Nominated artists are featured on RHMF’s website. Indicate which material you would like to include on your unique RHMF webpage.
  • Demographic Information (optional): Please note that the selection jury will not see these questions.

Work Sample Guidelines

The Work Sample is a critical element of your application. Prepare a well-organized Work Sample that represents your best, completed work. You must prepare your files, file names, and links as described below before you upload files or include links on the Online Application Form. You may submit up to 20 jpeg images. We recommend submitting all 20 images. You may additionally include up to two (2) links to video/audio work that is time-based.


Before uploading files to the Online Application Form, you MUST save them on your computer in the following format:

LastName-FirstName-##.jpg For example:

  • Smith-John-01.jpg
  • Smith-John -02.jpg
  • Smith-John -03.jpg
  • Files must be saved as JPEG files, 800 pixels in the longest dimension at 72–120 dpi.
  • During the selection process, images will be viewed one at a time as a projection.
  • Captions should include the following: Title, Date, Medium, Dimensions, Location (if applicable). Image captions should correspond to the number indicated in your jpeg file name.
  • Prints, slides, catalogs, original artwork, and other materials are not accepted.


You may additionally submit links if your work is time-based. (Do not use this option to submit a slide presentation or trailer of your work; the video/audio work sample should directly represent your artwork.)

Provide weblink addresses to video or audio clips hosted on external sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc). Provide the password for password-protected videos.

You may submit a video (which can contain one clip or multiple clips) that has been edited down to the allotted time. If your clip is longer, provide the cue point to start and stop.

  • Submit up to two (2) clips of video totaling no more than six (6) minutes of footage all together (in total).
  • Indicate the cue time for each video (i.e. 0:00–3:00 OR 1:45–7:45, etc.).
  • During the selection process, videos will be projected.
  • Each clip will be played for no more than the allotted time from the cue point; start times for each clip should mark the beginning of a segment that best represents your work.
  • Video clips are accepted as Weblinks to videos hosted on external sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • Provide passwords for password-protected videos if applicable.
  • Captions should include the following: Title, Date, Original Format, Location (if applicable), Original Running Time.
  • Ensure that hosted online Work Samples follow the above guidelines and are accessible online at least three months beyond submitting this form.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed under the following criteria:

Merit of past work
Career Record: Demonstrates an ability and commitment to making substantial contributions to the arts.
RHMF is committed to maintaining diversity in its grant programs in terms of cultural background, geographic distribution, and areas of expertise.

A jury of five (5) NYC-based arts professionals, representing a broad and diverse range of experience, will review the applications in a series of rounds. In the first round, jurors will score applications independently. In the following rounds, jurors will discuss applications and score them independently. In the final round, the jury will select eight (8) artists for the 2017 RHMF Emerging Artist Grant in New York.

Applicants will be notified of the status of their application no later than late-Fall 2017.




If you have any questions, please contact